A friend from school days that I have kept in touch with for 20+ years has always been a strong proponent for taking antidepressants. She has felt like she could not live without them and has always tried to convince that I should take them too.

Honestly, her push for them has been similar to experiences I had when I was younger being pressured by a bunch of kids to do coke. I have had 2 nights in my life that I remember experiencing intense pressure to do coke. You can’t make this stuff up! You’d think it’d be something out of a bad movie or tv show but it for real happened. It’s bizarre we live in this world that pushes drugs in every direction.

And please don’t get me wrong about antidepressants, I am not judging those who take them or her. It has helped her and was the right choice for her, and maybe even so far to say she didn’t have a choice but a need. But despite the issues I have its not something I am comfortable with.

I took prozac for about three months and I didn’t notice a big difference it was subtle. I was on a very low dose, but with that said I have noticed the same type of difference if I exercise everyday. It lifts my spirits and refocuses my stress / depression. It’s not perfect but neither are the pills.

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