Measurement Day

I’m starting to wonder if I should move this to a monthly task, as the results are so subtle. I always look like heck in my photos because I like to get this done first thing in the morning. So because of scale fluctuation, I bounced back up again. Yesterday I had some slight differences in my diet. It seems like anything frozen has chemical my body doesn’t agree with or it could be lack of sleep last night. Either way I know its retention of water and lack of rest. The later I sleep the less I weigh. Go figure.

I’m down a total of 10 inches overall!

-1.25 bust
-1.5 chest
-2.5 hips
-4.75 waist (please note I had surgery in May this is swelling reduction as well)

So even though I am feeling a bit glum today this is great news! I am proud of myself and my changes. Again still amazed with how slow my weight loss is in comparison to other people but like I said I need to stop comparing.

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