Hysterectomy Experience

Because of my anxiety I was so reluctant to have this procedure. I want to share my experience without going into the gory details.

It started in my early 30’s having a lot of fibroid tumors and heavy cycles, with a lot of pain. I had a procedure done called a myectomy where they remove them and you go about your life again. But in my 40’s it started again and each year it got progressively worse until I needed to talk to the doctor about it. Because I am a natural type of person I first tried to change this through diet and exercise but as you know from my other posts (if you read them), I really struggled with endless issues going on the last 5 years. This probably added to the worsening of my tumors. The doctor had a few options for me and I decided the laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy was the right option for me.

The first time I was scheduled during covid I was pushed out, the second time I got cold feet due to my fears of surgery. Then I finally decided I can’t put this off anymore. I am so happy to have gotten this surgery. I was in a group online and other women experienced issues after the surgery. I had none and I feel like it was the best decision I have ever made. So now when I have my “period” / “pms,” I actually don’t even experience cramps or pain like I did before but I do have mood swings. But they are nothing compared to what I had before. My recovery went well, and the swelling is the worst of it. I am so grateful it worked out for me.

On a side note, I really suffer from anxiety as I mentioned before so this was a huge deal for me. I did NOT want to do this procedure but it was really the only option for me based on the various other health options. I felt the most comfortable with this choice.

I recommend the website hyster sisters if you are going through this process as well.

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