How I lost 10 pounds

You want to lose weight and you don’t know where to start, I know I was there too. Everyone says start with small things and build. When I started, I was at my breaking point. I knew for the past year I wanted to lose weight. I also needed surgery. I kept putting it off thinking after the surgery, I’d start. I had my surgery in May 2021, and I had this fantasy that I’d lose weight after having my uterus removed because it weighs thirty pounds, right?? Wrong.

It took 8 weeks of bloating and discomfort, after the surgery. I was wearing a lot of dresses because my stomach was bloated from the surgery but also from the gas they fill your body with, and also from my 30 pound weight gain. But while out with my daughter on June 26th she commented she was embarrassed by me, and how I looked. Honestly, I had been too. Don’t get me wrong you can look great at any weight but if you don’t feel good about yourself at that weight its hard to look great. Her comments, though they were harsh made me realized now was the time, as I was fed up.

I started on June 27th. I started with my diet as best as I could. I was trying to eat within range the specific calorie range allotted by my food tracking app. I figured since I had been doing nothing that just starting at a calorie reduction the weight start coming off. WRONG. I was using the fitness tracking food applications recommendation to lose 2 pounds a week and I was seeing a pound per every two weeks.

It was frustrating so then I started researching, the first thing I found was maybe I am restricting too much? Maybe I am not exercising enough? Maybe its the food that I am eating?? Maybe its my hormones? Maybe its because I am old? Maybe….

The thing is now that you made this decision to lose the unwanted pounds, even though you want it to happen instantaneously all you have is time! And you might be like me and see slow changes at first.

Really, it took you how many years to land your fat out of shape ass in this position? Now that you are taking action (even if its not working) time is on your side.

What do I mean? As long as you keep trying and changing things up each week, and you don’t give up, you are putting in the effort towards you. You are probably not gaining and you are probably getting some exercise. And well LOOK AT YOU! Consistency will always pay off! You were consistently not eating right and not exercising to get where you are and it paid off right? So the flip side will get you there too.

It’s been a challenge for me to find a balance that was showing results. I think its starting to work, so I feel positive about it moving ahead. I loved when I friend told me that if I hadn’t started I’d be the pounds I lost but on the upside! So instead of losing 10 I could have gained 10.

And comparing yourself to others is a waste! Don’t fall into the trap. I know I do at times. But everyone is different. Focus on you, do this for the long haul. Not for a wedding dress, do this because you love you and life.

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