Mental Health

What you eat, what you do for activity, and mental health are very tied together! I am sure you know that, if you are trying to lose weight. I had a two year stint of downhill depression after leaving a long time job, dealing with my mother having cancer and rolling right into covid lockdowns. It has not been an easy journey, as I know nobody has an easy journey. I have often considered antidepressants and / or supplements. But I always return to the fact that I hate taking medication and will avoid it at all costs.

The happiest time in my life was when I was in a bad relationship because we were always busy. I am an introvert but the revelation that you can be friends with someone without being their best friend changed my life. I became less self conscious and cared less about what I said or did! Being busy distracts you from the problems.

Life isn’t perfect. There is no happy perfect state. There is no 30 minute solution that ends in laughter and delight. You can embrace the joy though. And try your hardest to battle depression and anxiety through diet and exercise. So when I went through a cognitive program that changed my life, I went from being unable to do simple tasks without it turning an event of stress and beating myself up to actually holding a job. It’s interesting when you examine how life goes for you. The ups and downs and when you feel a certain way. If I push myself to workout regularly it has the same effect that I have had from taking prozac without the weird sexual side effects. And it has all the benefits of looking better and feeling better.

Today is not a great day to talk about mental health I am so crabby. So when I get hungry, which does happen while dieting sometimes I get crabby. I hate what I act like when I am hangry. How do you control that?

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