A Calorie is Calorie?

Do you think it matters what the item is as long as you stay within in certain range? I tend to believe that is true but if something is higher in other stuff it might slow down your loss, this is just a guess. It can also make you more hungry if you eat a small item that is high calorie. You may feel hungry much sooner than if you ate something that is larger and low calorie.

I’ve always tried to make healthy choices and try healthy foods. Ever since I can remember being me I have done this! I am the person that buys the all vegan dinner, or tries to cook with quinoa and kale. The one who has to try the dairy free cream cheese made with nuts, then I am like what the H*** that tastes gross. Okay, maybe not. Sometimes those are items are delicious! I love trying new foods.

The premise behind noom, other than positive psychology is to eat foods that less calorie dense and I can’t remember the word but it was kind of like more based in water. So if you had a choice between grapes and raisins, grapes are better for you. I love the positive psychology but had a hard time understanding their methodology. I think because they were too wordy. Then I attempted to use it during covid and it annoyed me they kept mention covid.

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