The Science of Weight Loss

When you first start trying to eat healthier and make those initial changes, if you are like me you wonder why you are not losing. Why the scale moves so slow? Is something wrong with me? Is it because I am old? I kept trying to change things and I still do, but the first 6 weeks even with set plan I felt like I didn’t get why things were not moving.

A really big part of this was that I relied on the calories that the tracking application I was using had given me and also that I had deducted my fitness calories and at extra because of it. And it made no sense to me, I was using the 2 pounds a week plan and losing 1 pound every 1.5 week. I started researching and I was recommended for calories which actually displayed less calories than I was consuming and a friend recommended that I ignore the calories burned because they are not accurate. THIS made a big difference. I started seeing a little better results than previously. I hope that these tips help you as well if you are struggling!

I find that every week I need to assess and try to switch things around. I also try to add in extra recipes that are lower calorie but tasty. Honestly when you are making healthier choices you actually appreciate less processed foods, well at least I do.

With that said, what tips worked for you? Please share!! I’ve lost 10 pounds and still have 20 pounds to go!!

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