The Unhealthy Relationship with the Scale

I hear people say do not weigh yourself daily it can fluctuate and create an unhealthy obsession with the scale. I don’t know about you but for me it keeps me motivated. I guess I could try for only Saturdays but that might drive me bonkers. I feel like NOW I know how to be more effective I don’t really need to look daily but is it really unhealthy to weigh daily? When I saw I was gaining weight before I just stopped weighing myself and it gained 30 pounds. On the flip side isn’t it just as unhealthy to not consider it while gaining and eating out of control? What if its a tool that actually helps to keep you in check.

Years ago a friend confided in me she weighed herself daily and was telling me like it was a bad thing that was out of control and I told her to stop if it bothered you. She said you don’t understand I have to. What I don’t get it is why is it a problem unless you have an eating disorder tied to it? If its ruining your day or creating stress then yes maybe its not a good thing for you. But I honestly find if I don’t monitor food and diet I slide up and get out of control. I think this past time was worse than usual due to all the stressful life events and feeling like I just didn’t want to try anymore. Here I am back to give myself 100%.

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