It takes time but…OH So close

I am one pound away from my first goal of 10 pounds! ONE!!! This morning I woke up weighed 165.0. I will call it ten even if its 164.8!! I am hoping to see that number by Friday. I started this almost two months ago and I am honestly surprised it takes this long. It seems like when I lost weight before it went faster but I was working at it for a long time and it was years ago. I get now why the diet articles say if you lose it fast it won’t stay off. When you lose it slow and fight each pound off slowly you realize how carefully you need to choose your foods moving forward. I feel positive that I will see that 10 pound mark this week. If my body continues to work this same it will take 4 more months to lose the other 20 pounds. My speculation is that it may take more than that. I’d love to actually lose another 30 but I don’t know that 135 pounds is sustainable for me. This is what has always baffled me, I know I shouldn’t compare myself to others but to hear ladies who are 115 or 120 pounds I am amazed. I get we are all different I am just always fascinated by that number though. When I was in my 20’s I dieted to 125 lbs. I was a size 5. I was so thin. It was great being able to fit into whatever I wanted and having no lumps or fat lol but I was really so thin.

I guess as an adult I even wonder about the digit on the scale now. I am feeling pretty good right now! I’d like to see more of a waist and have less of the giant pooch when I sit down. That’s the worst of my weight gain. And I am 165 lol. I remember deciding when I was younger 140 was a good weight for me. It was kind of weird to decide that when I surrounded by 120s. Like why am I feeling thin and healthy 20 pounds greater than the other gals. Its probably due the exact thing I have mentioned a few times I gain weight all over. I have always been like that so as I lose or gain its less obvious.

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