Lockdown: 2 Types of People

This amazes me I found I have two types of people emerged during the lockdowns. The first type thrived and they got more fit and found this to be an opportunity to get in shape and lose weight. The second struggled mentally with what was going on and gained 20 – 30 lbs. I have a few friends that fall into the first category. It was actually good for them. I don’t understand how because I fell into the second group.

Something that I thought was really funny, after things started to open up again I remember going to Kohl’s and they had a sign up in the women’s clothing section. It said we have changed our sizes try on a size smaller. All I could think was ok they just normalized the 20 – 30 pounds everyone gained? Sure look at that I have gained almost 30 lbs and I still fit into a size 10, that’s amazing! So yes, at 165 and 5’5 I can indeed squeeze into a size 10 (barely). On a side note, that is something unrelated is when you look in clothing catalogs and they tell you the height of the modal and what size she is wearing. I love this in terms of dimensions but boy is bothersome when someone is a 5’9 a size 4 and I think they look frumpy. I know I WILL look like a block of wood.

I am curious how did you emerge from being locked up? Fatter, fitter or the same?

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