Is it normal to be so hungry while dieting?

There are certain questions I had and certain questions I see over and over on forums. This is one of them. I know it seems so obvious but when you aren’t used to this its weird and you wonder am I doing something wrong? According to my daily intake of calories for weight loss should be 1150 and for maintenance it’d be around 1650. I have an office job so I consider myself sedentary. It’s important to realize you will be hungry anytime you are eating at a calorie deficit. Its normal and natural. The way to try COMBAT that hunger is to eat foods that higher in fiber and protein. Another method is to eat foods that low calorie and allow for higher volume. Like when I make a wrap I load up on extra veggies. Or have popcorn as a snack or pretzels at the end of the day. Every night I’d go to bed hungry and I lost like 1 pound in 14 days. It was discouraging. It has gotten better as I find more alternatives and tricks. Please don’t give it because if you do you will be back at the place of why am I not doing something about this. And a friend once said to me, sure you have “only” lost 8 pounds but what if you had gained that 8 from where you started! It’s shining light on the dark and realizing you can do better.

Love yourself 💓

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