Day 50: Here I am

As the world around us in engulfed in flames and horror, I guess I can say here I am showing up for the one thing that I have a semblance of control over. Day 50! I celebrated my 46th birthday this weekend and I had treats without over indulging and the scale thanked me today with 165.4. Not going to lie it was not easy! Really proud to be here still standing and fighting for this at day 50. Weight loss has been slow but I guess if I am honest with myself its been “steady.”

This week I plan to continue trying to find various high volume low cal options and mix it up as much as I can, and I will continue pushing my cardio everyday. I want to note again, I think this is very fascinating I carry my weight everywhere (though my stomach slightly more), so as I hit 165 I am feeling “thin.” Clothes still don’t fit right.

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