Making Weight Loss Fun

Weight loss doesn’t need to be torture! I admit when you first start you try so hard to be restrictive and changing everything. Yes, you will be hungrier because you need to be at a calorie deficit in order to lose weight but what if you were creative and used food replacements that were lower calorie as well as sought out high volume low calorie eats? You can explore various recipes and food options.

Yes, you may eat different options. I actually enjoy trying new things and switching things up. I appreciate the high volume foods as sometimes I am hungry and want a lot. Like last night, even though it was my higher calorie day after 7 pm I felt hungry. I had a cup of popcorn for 47 calories. No kidding. I get that it might not always being exactly what you want but you can’t have chips everyday. You can’t have fattening fried food or desserts that are massive everyday. Its what got me here and possibly what got you there too. It’s ok to not have these things daily. Appreciate them when you do have them but realize that there is no solution that allows it for you daily! Its an every once in a while treat. Research lower calorie options and have them in place while staying within you calories.

And I think some of us may always need to count calories. We require it because without that guide we get lost. I am one of those people. I hate when I am off track.

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