Weight Loss – The Struggle is Real

It’s funny whenever the scale actually moves down for me I get so excited an have a vision of how much I will lose in the next two weeks I might be down to xyz, wow that will be amazing. The reality is it truly is a life long commitment. Once you realize this the better off you will be. Especially when you have more than 20 pounds to lose because it takes time and consistent effort and focus. Celebrate your small wins, no matter how little. As I have mentioned I am 46 years old, I had a hysterectomy in May 2021. These factors definitely slow my body down a little!

Maybe if we establish a plan the identifies to us what else is important to us aside from the NUMBER on the scale that we want to reach. Here is my list:

  1. Fitting into my clothing better
  2. Getting a waist again
  3. Smaller cup size
  4. Being more physically active
  5. Being stronger
  6. Feeling more confident
  7. Being healthier
  8. Having more energy

Do you have a list?

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