Accountability Helps

One of the things that helps me is by being accountable. I love seeing data and progress. So there are a few things that are important to me in keeping me accountable:

  1. Tracking my calories. Love it or hate it this is something that I am required to do otherwise I get lackadaisical about my intake and next thing you know I am consuming 3000 calories a day wondering why I have gained weight.
  2. Weighing myself. Again, some people can’t do this daily and sometimes I question if I can’t either because I get frustrated at times. But when I stop weighing myself I start to think it doesn’t matter. And next thing you know, I’ve gained weight. (Side note, when I was in my 20’s I dieted without looking at the scale but once a month, perhaps even once a week, I don’t recall which but I know the one time I dieted to get down from 140 pounds to 125 I didn’t weight myself often, but the circumstance was weird)
  3. Online Groups or In-Person Groups. People who are going through this with you are a great way to get support. I belong to several online groups. The thing I love is seeing motivation photos. I belong to a weekly weigh in group and I love seeing the steady decline of my weight. I am pretty sure this week the scale is stagnate though I unless tomorrow I am surprised but I am doubtful. I haven’t been “cheating” but slightly higher calories my loss will be slower. I have been exercising more though!

Forgive me for my rambling on. Why the heck do I have so much to say? I don’t know! I just do.

HOW do you stay accountable?

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