Elusive Happiness

I am not a psychologist or a dietician or a healthcare worker.  This is not medical advice. 

The other day I was thinking about the diet industry and misinformation and I have been wondering the same about the self help industry.  And the definition of Happiness.   If we are always focus on the self and how to be happier and better, and its all about ME ME ME.  Can you truly find that?  Yes your life is about you but if you are always reflecting inward how can you enjoy life?

There was a program I did back in the 90’s because I suffered from severe anxiety issues that were causing depression.  This program is still around and I am surprised it doesn’t get more press.  Its called Attacking Anxiety and Depression, its 15 week program that uses cognitive behavior therapy to help you see that your anxiety is okay!  To take a breath and realize its only your negative thoughts.  It changed my life a lot.  I was suffering with finding and holding a job.  I had such bad anxiety that I could not take medication for it.  Anxiety is also notorious for this because you are the side effect person!  I research all side effects and how they will impact me. 

So where the heck am I going with this? I’ve read tons of books on this topic, finding that elusive “happiness.”  Being successful, confident and positive!  When things become stressful in your life it feels out of control and depressing.  These are normal emotions.  The exciting part is realizing its how you react to it that you can control.  What if the happiness industry was another version of the diet industry?  With all the therapy, self help and psychiatric drugs.  We the abuse of the medical health field for health / diet, but what about your mental state? 

If you suffer from: why am I not happy or why do I have anxiety loop then maybe its time to decompress from it.  Stop focusing on it and focus on your health and fitness and let go of the other stuff.  I had a friend who always swore antidepressants were the way to go!  To the point where she’d contact me and send me info about it trying to sell me on why this would make my life better.  When I was most busy with work and social times in my life I had no time to focus on the am I “happy”?  I just lived, laughed and enjoyed.  I went through another stretch the past 6 years of seeking happiness from a one sided relationship coming up miserable.  I have been through a lot in the past decade deaths, cancer, covid, stress…we all have.  I made it.  I am truly a fighter.  I suffered years of traumatic abuse and moved on.  Its not easy.  But I have a choice to make each day, and I choose moving forward. 

You are busy.  You are tired.  You don’t have time for yourself.  Maybe you don’t exercise? Make time for you.  Take the time to exercise daily.  If you try this for 6 months instead of trying Prozac or six months you may notice a better difference.  Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for medication but perhaps it is over prescribed due to a very lucrative industry taking advantage of discontent and poor education. 

I also feel better mentally when I am taking care of myself.  I have crashing moments of this is crap, but everyone does.  Life is not perfect.  And happy doesn’t always mean jumping out of bed with a smile on your face! 

What do you do stay present and enjoy your life more? 

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