7 ways to stay motivated

Again I am not a professional and I have experienced some lowest of lows. But this post is about motivation. The past 10 years BeachBody (I don’t sell their products) has really taken off on social media. I know you know at least one friend who participates or sells it? Some of my friends aren’t that great at selling it while others own it. They truly hone in on the concept of sharing and do an amazing job of selling motivation. The fitness / dieting friend who sells motivation and exercise can be so inspiring! They can also be annoying when you are feeling not good. It’s like happiness, its contagious.

Here are some tips that help to keep me focused and motivated:

  1. My favorite one (the love | hate relationship), the scale. If I keep myself in check this is the a great tool for helping to motivate. I know it doesn’t move fast enough, I agree!! And my expectations always go bonkers when I lose a pound, but it really will help you to identify what you are doing right or wrong. The challenge with the scale is not to live and die by the NUMBER.
  2. Feeling better about myself. Even though I am 20 pounds from where I want to be, as soon as I start eating better and exercising I feel better about myself and I think I look better too. Its funny how it happens so quickly even though you still have a long way to go.
  3. Celebrating small achievements (not just a number on the scale or size) but things like working out when you don’t want to. Skipping cake when everyone else has it. Choosing a lower calorie meal or portioning correctly. Cutting back on sugar. Going for a long walk!
  4. Obviously fitting into clothing in my closet that is currently too small. I don’t even bother trying the on. This isn’t the biggest motivation. But it is a motivation.
  5. Strength! My goal is to be physically stronger and to have more balance. Being 46 I have noticed that after this past two years of doing very little my physical strength and balance has declined the most.
  6. Watching likeminded youtube videos, being a member to weight loss groups! I am not comfortable with groups that are in person but I am more than happy to participate online. I also have youtube channels that help me get motivated.
  7. Tracking calories, steps, weights and measurements. I know I mentioned the scale already but tracking my food intake carefully is a big one. Whenever I stop doing this it always goes south for me. I tend to think this is something I probably need to do the rest of my life. It doesn’t bother me but if I don’t do this whenever I stop I slide back up to eating a lot of extra calories. I lie to myself and underestimate. Its really not difficult to do.

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