Diet Disinformation

Disclaimer: I am not doctor or healthcare worker or nutritionist.

This post is kind of going back to the book I read called How Not to Diet. The author mentions that an overwhelming amount of medical papers on every study imaginable in relation to diet. So much so its difficult for the health field to sift through them. It’s interesting because when covid started the media and figureheads who relayed crucial information used a method called flooding the zone. There was endless information coming from every direction. I wonder if it was an effort to make you think there was one “gold source” to go to. Anyway before covid this was going on in our diet industry. If you look around you see the level of poor health and obesity, there is no denying this. Confusion about choices and what is healthy and horrible options loaded with chemicals are all around us.

I am not saying you won’t lose weight with some of these diets. Anything that is restrictive will probably cause weight loss to start with, but will it be sustainable? I just wonder if these “fad” diets are out there to create failure, and start that cycle. How long term sustainable are they? If you have this special weight loss diet that works great for you then you start getting into this weird mindset that if you veer from it you will become fat and out of control again. When maybe you could try just relearning what is good and healthy for your body?

Do I have the answers? No but I what I know is if I have a calorie deficit and exercise I will lose weight slowly, if I try to make healthier choices like fruits and veggies and fill up on these low calorie high volume foods it helps. Perhaps some of us lose track (or never know how to eat better), some of have trouble with staying focused unless we have structure. Kind of like training yourself, its a training of your mind and diet. Like you can have a burger, beer, or dessert you just can’t have it every meal or everyday.

And I know I only have 30 pounds to lose while there are people with 100 or more pounds. So I can’t speak to what your journey is like. I grew up with a parent who struggled with eating disorders. She always questioned what do I do when I get to my goal weight then she’d quit her diet. Perhaps some of us always need to track food, or weigh ourselves. What you do when you hit your goal? Maintain by finding a calorie range that works. I still have 21 pounds to go I am only in the beginning and what the heck do I know.

I feel like I didn’t communicate well what I wanted to! It just really bothers me there is so much focus and so much money being made and yet there are so many people suffering. It’s bullsnap! It brings me back to that books about the no diet diet or the f it diet or intuitive eating. Maybe doing nothing and forgetting about it works for you but for me it makes me fatter and less healthy. I need to make a concerted effort, and I believe at the end of that effort you are not like other people you need to live in maintenance mode where you make careful choices. Because when it comes to my health saying f it how I got here and its not what I want to say in reference to my body and self. I want to say you are worth it. And that doesn’t mean eating only broccoli sprouts.


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