Measurement Day

Last week was anticlimactic in terms of measurements so I didn’t bother posting. This week is as well, but here it is I am down 8 pounds at 166 pound! That is definitely amazing. My photos look great, I still have a ways to go. I am truly one of those people that carry my weight everywhere. I have started noticing some weight loss in certain places but its everywhere and yes its a slow process. I have 21 lbs to go before I hit my goal and honestly it might change you never know. I am down a total of 8 13/16 inches overall!! 1 inch lost on my bust, 2 inches lost on my chest (now I know why sports bras I wore so much hurt), 3 inches lost on my waist (please note that I had a hysterectomy in May) and 2 13/16 lost on my hips.

Looking at my starting photos in comparison is fun. I am starting to get “waist” I have always been very straight up and down. But seeing that is great. My waist was fat before and after the surgery. I feel pretty great about how far I have come and I will keep going with this.

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