“Lifestyle Change”

I feel like with every weight loss program they love talking about this, how you need to have a lifestyle change. I feel like anyone who has had to lose 20 pounds or more knows this. You start realize as you measure and change foods and see the difference that this is a new way of life bring to you. You see that the old way was unhealthy and made you gain 25 pounds and that feels like sh*t.

Right now KETO is wildly popular, and I don’t know if its sustainable? I guess any plan is if you love eating that way? Maybe those weight loss gurus focus on lifestyle aspect to make it seem like this complicating process. Truth is your lifestyle will change as you evolve and take steps and the truth is that the only way to see weight loss is through day in and out consistency. I love realizing that I can still enjoy stuff but it can’t be everyday, every meal.

The first steps can be small. But I think you need to be at that point of saying enough is enough and I need to focus on me. I want to be able to kick ass and look great and not tip over as an old lady (as I am going into those old lady years).

The diet industry is annoying with their buzzwords and lingo. Are there ways to actually help others without all the static, the sales pitch etc. There are probably tens of thousands of books, websites, and programs to “help” you. I get the feeling they are all selling an idea that everyone who suffers from our current bogus state of fast food nation and crappy chemical foods, that will just bring us failure. I am not an expert or a doctor and I have only lost 8 pounds so far, but its clearly a scheme that exists to perpetuate fat, sick and failure.

Sorry I am cynical today.

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