How did it go? High Volume Low Calorie

Yesterday was my first day with doing the high volume and low calorie meals, it went surprisingly well! So for me, I love having breakfast but I can wait until 10am for it. Give me a cup of coffee and I can wait days! For breakfast I had eggs with fresh veggies, for lunch I had a really good turkey wrap loaded with spinach and avocado, and dinner I had chicken with more veggies. I also had dessert, halo top ice cream. It was delicious!

The part of the day when I want to snack is around 8-10pm. I start feeling hungry and last night it wasn’t as bad as it usually is for me! I felt surprisingly good. I did have a bite of my no sugar added chocolate hazelnut spread around 8pm. I forgot to mention I also had a bowl full of cherries yesterday too. I am amazed by this because there are actual low calorie substitutions that make you feel normal (like Halo Top).

Something else I did yesterday was work really hard to get the water down. I managed 4 – 5 glasses. Seriously, how do people drink 8?? My scale thanked me today, with a weigh in of 166.0! I got on that sucker twice because I couldn’t believe it would be accurate. I am down 8 pounds since I started this journey!!!!! In my flip it machine, if I wasn’t trying to be healthier and IF I WAS UP THOSE 8 pounds I’d weight 182!! I know its silly but its the truth because letting yourself go and being unhealthy is easy place to live in!

I’d say these two new steps are a great addition to my new healthier me. Now I need to start researching WHAT are good low calorie, high volume options. I also want to make a side note here, when I did noom I think their program used this but they didn’t do as good of a job of explaining this. They called them water dense foods (I think??), but there is a video I watched on this on youtube that really helped me. Don’t get me wrong, I think noom is great with the psych part, as I a first believer in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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