Stress, Hormones, and Kids… Oh My!

Yesterday was a stressful day. Changes at work that go against my beliefs and my kid started her first day of school. And well I am almost 46, I am pretty confident my hormones are screwed up. How do you deal with life getting to you? At the end of the day I went for a long walk, and it really helped me a lot. But what else can we do to help relieve stress?

I questioned last night why I was trying so hard, feeling so hungry when everything seems so pointless. Then my daughter commenting about my imaginary diet because I look the same. I know just words. It was my daughters words of embarrassment that started me down this path of trying to get fit and lose weight again. Clearly based on her recent statement she is still thinking I look not so great. I lost 5-6lbs last month (pending that start number), I feel like its a great start. Of course I feel like its not even close to enough. Yaah, I can squeeze into my jeans a little better but they are still very tight and the weight is very slow to come off.

The scale pranked me this morning, it was down 3 pounds, and I knew… LOL that’s not right. Got back on and it was 3 pounds higher. After yesterday I would have taken it, if it wasn’t so unrealistic.

I truly don’t know tricks to deal with stress and the issues of being an aging woman. I recently had a hysterectomy (I still have my ovaries), so my body is still doing normal woman things. It probably doesn’t help that I drink coffee. I will try to use fitness and exercise as a method for alleviating stress. Today I am feeling so down from yesterday I want to quit fitness, last night I wondered why I was dieting.

But I need to keep going. This is important to me, even at a low point and even feeling like a fatty that is resistant to my efforts. My health is worth it.

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