Zigzag Calorie Deficit

Are you using a calorie deficit to lose weight? This is my preferred method because I’d rather keep eating foods I like but choose smaller portions.

Yesterday, I went to calorie.net to review what they recommended for my daily intake based on using a deficit. They recommended something that I have been KIND of doing already but didn’t even realize it. Its called a zigzag diet two days a week you eat 1900 calories and the other days you eat at a deficit to lose weight for me I use 1250.

This method is supposed to keep your metabolism going so you can keep burning calories and avoid a plateau. If you stay at the constant deficit everyday your body gets used to it and will plateau faster. I’ve always gone out once a week for dinner and always go over on calories but figure no one is perfect!

Yesterday when I tracked calories I recorded numbers and found it difficult to his 1900. I am fascinated the scale bumps down after doing this. I will keep this method going because I think its useful and I will keep you posted!

Do you zigzag?

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