To Scale or Not to Scale part 2

Its very interesting to me because this has always been important to me but I have never been at a weight that I thought was typical of other women my height and age. But with that said I have felt like at times that I looked great. At a 145 pounds at 39 I looked thin and amazing. I didn’t start to struggle with “weight gain” until after my daughter. In particular I noticed when me and my ex separated and I was with the house on my own. It takes a while to get to a place of not caring a lot; and better stress management. I am 8 years from that and I finally feel like I am there! Stress is one of those rolling things that feeling uncontrollable.

The article I was reading yesterday talking about that using the scale could ruin your day or create defeat. I agree somewhat but I also wonder if we should be assessing the number and how we feel and look in terms of what is good for us. If you are feeling fat and ugly, taking the steps to care for yourself more will make a big difference. Its easy to fall into that. We are surrounded by unhealthy choices and currently in a society that wants you to just accept that. Instead of caring for your well being. I like the analysis of the data, and seeing how it reflects. I also decided to invest in the fat calipers. I have no idea how to use them but why not? So at this stage in the game I am going to say yes to the scale.

What do you do?

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