Tired today

Yesterday I had ice cream for “dinner.” Every once in a while I just want to have it so I did. I had peanut butter oreo with chocolate sprinkles. Today I woke up grumpy and my back hurts. Should I blame the ice cream? YES. Okay maybe its not that but it seems weird when I have been limiting my sugar intake to feel so crappy today. I am not going to lie it was delicious.

My weigh in for today 167.6. I am so proud of myself I know it takes time. Weighing daily has that draw back of why aren’t the results coming faster but its important to keep this in mind when you get like me, antsy and unrealistic expectations. I am down 6.4 pounds in a little over one month. I could be up 6.4 lbs instead that would bring me to, 180.4 lbs! Another key factor to keep in mind is yes its a slow and subtle journey but it needs to be because if we could do it over night we would not learn from that. Honestly, this is something I have to remind myself often. I lose a a pound on the scale I am on top of the world and think its going to melt off, then as the days tick by I realize and I start wondering why I weigh daily!

Do you think my small ice creamy yesterday is making me feel hungover today?

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