The F**K It Diet

About two years ago a friend of mine mentioned this great new approach called intuitive eating or the no diet diet. This friend had always struggled with her weight and she thought it was great! So I thought well maybe? Anyone else try this out?

So I bought The F**k it diet book and the concept of saying to heck with it and actually seeing results sounded great. But honestly, I didn’t like it! Everyone is different but for me this approach seems bleak and aimless. The who cares mentality seemed like following the approach of how I gained 20 pounds to begin with! Its like saying my plan for exercise it to not actually exercise but let it happen naturally. And honestly after reading the book I felt like it messed with my mind! Because when people talk about how great something works for them, you are open to that suggestion and consider it. I am not the yo-yo diet type, and I don’t binge eat. I never suffered from bulimia or anorexia.

I don’t know if its successful for anyone? Maybe it is, but it didn’t work for me and actually felt like it made a negative impact on me. The psychology behind it is to not think about it and thus you balance out to your normal weight and some actually lose weight. Sounds great in theory but most of us gained weight doing this! So based on the theories in this book, my normal body weight for 5’6 is 175 lbs (and rising)? I don’t think so and its not comfortable, its also not healthy.

And if the concept is to make healthy choices then that is actually a diet for the no diet but just not counting calories.

I had zero interest in this after I started reading this, and it wasn’t for me. I thrive on being structured and working on something consistently. It helps me to be guided and remember my sense of purpose. But again, there is something for everyone and maybe this works for you? What plan do you have to be healthier and more fit?

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