Get Off Your Sugar

I started reading this book called Get Off Your Sugar, its very interesting. I have not finished it yet. When I started eating healthier as of June 27, I have noticed my sugar intake is usually 12 grams under the goal. I didn’t intentionally do this. I just knew I had to cut out the desserts made with flour and limit junk. I do still eat fruit though, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and grapes. There is so much hidden sugar in our food. I have also limited eating cheese, though sometimes I have cream in a coffee. At home I try to stick with nut milk. I never drank soda. My biggest culprit of sugar is probably if I have drinks. That could of also been why I was craving drinks the first two weeks I started eating better. The sugar in the alcohol. I was thinking it was weird I was craving it so much and wonder if I was addicted drinking. Now that I am thinking about it though….it might have been tied to the sugar aspect. Because I did eat a lot of sugar before.

I recommend this book. I believe it uses kind of a keto / vegan approach. I wouldn’t say I follow that exactly but its important to read why sugar is so bad and how it impacts you. Maybe get some ideas to push for change.

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