The Spirits

I started searching youtube videos and articles about alcohol and how it effects weight loss and brain chemistry. I found a fascinating article that explains how the feel good receptors are working over time when you drink so the next day they are tired (my very lament reading of it). Its called hangxiety! And I also thought it was interesting seeing the videos of people who quit drinking for 30+ days noting how much of difference they felt both mentally and in weight loss. I have noticed a significant change in measurements, with my current weight loss, I don’t know that its alcohol related for me.

I can’t let this topic go because I felt so horrible the day after, and regretful. But not regret because I was embarrassing, okay maybe a little. I didn’t enjoy the rest of my night after the second drink. Its so strange because back in the day I could drink 12 or more drinks, and I was fine.

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