Healthy Recipes Needed

Whenever I try to eat healthy I am at a loss at what to eat. What’s worse is I have a child who doesn’t like anything and wants none of it. When she was little I was better at it but the struggle became real when me and my ex separated. I used to cook a lot of diverse meals when I was with my ex, because I like cooking dinner. Now, I do nothing because I am the only one who likes to eat. I’ve tried those meal delivery services but find them to be salty. And I don’t know about you but I want to know where my food is coming from before I buy it. Hungryroot was pretty good, I loved HomeChef but again the sodium seemed on the high side to me.

Listen up today I weighed in at 167.3, I am amazed. My exercise pants that were tight on my waist have a little space now! I am feeling so much better. I am so proud of myself taking these steps to be healthier and stronger!

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