Why do I like to weigh in daily?

I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or psychologist but I am going to explain why I weigh in daily and how it helps me stay focused. I’ve worked to a lose weight a few times in my life and I have found that this technique has helped me for a few reasons. Some of the reasons I like weighing in daily is because it keeps me focused and motivated and it also helps me to understand my body better.

Staying Focused

Whenever I stop looking at the scale, things always fall apart. I guess its kind of like getting rid of your gas gauge or speedometer on your car. Let’s just say things snowball for me and the less I do this, the less I want to get back on the scale. I start to speculate how bad it is and obsess about how terrible I look and feel. Basically self destructing. The scale helps to keep me on track by showing me that the slice of frozen pizza I ate is much worse for me than fresh pizza. And the pros of daily weigh ins, out weigh (no pun intended) the cons for me. Yes, when I had week long stretch of my body resisting any loss it was frustrating but it made me realize I was doing something wrong and I needed to adjust things. I also think it is very important to include a weekly measurement of key areas and a photo. Seeing your progress even if the scale does not change is amazing.

Please don’t think I am totally obsessed with that number because I am not. I don’t expect perfection. I don’t want perfection. I do want good health and comfort.

Understanding Your Body

I know if I get a good nights sleep, and sleep in later (which doesn’t happen often), the scale will reflect a lower number. Stress is a big culprit, but I am also guessing its water retention. When you weigh in daily you start to see patterns and notice how thing affect your body in positive and negative ways. And of course its a unit of measure, its you know… SCIENCE. If your body is resistant to weight loss efforts you could have a hormone imbalance or need to make changes.

So that’s it for me? Maybe you prefer a once a week weigh in? How I do this really helps to keep me focused. Please tell me what do you do?

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