Workouts for Weight loss

What is your favorite workout? Is your answer none? Growing up, I was the oddball who never fit in during gym class due to low self confidence. After graduating high school, I realized I didn’t want to be fat and out of shape as my weight creeped up. I slowly started to walk and exercise more throughout the years. My go to workout for years, has been step aerobics. It probably shows my age because I love this exercise so much. I ran for a few years too, with my max run being five miles! But since 30 years old I have struggled with time and life issues to stay on track. I finally found that sweet spot when I was 39, and got back on track but life hit me again and it fell apart.

Throughout the years of being a mom, my biggest struggle was doing this for me and struggling with anxiety and depression. The realization that doing this for me, actually helps with my anxiety and depression. The past 4 years have been so hard for us. Especially this past year, the level of depression I have felt has been deep and dark. I know others have felt this as well with the pandemic. Its interesting because last time I got on track I started with exercise then realized I need to change my diet. This time I started with diet and realized I needed to add more exercise.

My favorite workouts have always been step aerobics and walking. I love running but I have never been fast and I actually feel like I need to get into better shape before attempting that. A few channels on youtube that I love are, cdornerfitness and jennyfordfitness. They offer great basic step workouts for beginner to advanced. And they are free. Back when I was younger I enjoyed videos by Petra Kolber, Kathy Smith, and Gin Miller.

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