It moved!

After 13 days of the scale stuck at 169.8 today it moved to 169! Ok, so I am well aware of fluctuation and it could bounce back up but I am taking this because I have not seen that number yet in reference to the downward motion. Yesterday I did step and I spent 3 hours painting a deck. It was strenuous and draining. Was that my .8? I hope its not just dehydration!

Also to note this week I have changed my counting before I was counting my exercise calories burnt and I was eating extra based on that. This could also be WHY I have been feeling more hungry at the end of the day and wanting more junk. I thought it was waning interest in being healthier. I wasn’t feeling that way before. With that said maybe I am too strict on the caloric intake and should go for less loss. I set my calories for a 2lb a week loss. Maybe its too aggressive. I am going to try for 1.5lbs instead. So year to date I am down 5lbs total. I always feel like my start number is a bit sketch but its about right.

For me when I start I speculate my weight because I feel so gross fat. I gained a lot with covid but I was already on the rise between my mother’s cancer, a new job, buying a house, then covid.. Let’s just say I let the stress get the best of me and kept thinking I can address this later. Well here we are later and the pounds are saying we like it here!

I always love the idea of blog but I am not a writer. Instead I am horrible stream of thought that no one could enjoy reading not even myself.

A friend always used to tell me whenever I am talking diets and exercise the weight you have lose might not seem like much but what if you took your starting weight and added the weight loss and it was 5 lbs gained instead. So if that were the case I’d be 179 right now instead. It seems silly but if you consider it that way because 24 days of eating whatever I want paired with no exercise definitely would make me achieve that!! So its a proud moment.

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