The scale

So oddly enough I am still at 169.8. I have a confession in all my years of scale watching this is the most steady my weight has been. It amazes me that I feel so much lighter and healthier in what I eat but the scale is barely moving. I am NOT near my goal weight. This is the MOST overweight I have ever been. About five years ago I set out to trim down and I did great. But my scale moved everything 3 – 4 days. It tells me I am eating too many calories. I am baffled by those that claim to lose while eating 2500 a day, what are they eating? I have no interest in the KETO diet, I don’t love meat and I can’t imagine that being the basis for my existence.

Today I will walk at noon time with my kid. It will be a long walk but I don’t care I am taking this time for myself and my daughter. In the fall I plan to block out time on my work calendar to help her with school this year I don’t care. I will work extra on the weekends to make up the loss. So I am looking forward to measurement day this week!

My goal is to do step 5 – 6 days a week for about 15 – 45 minutes and to walk at least once a day and to alternate body parts lifting light weights with high reps. I like this new work regime. This is the first time I’ve ever consistently lifted weights. I ordered 10s and I have 12s. I am hoping to eventually hit the 15s – 25s!! Ambitious I know. Girl can dream!! I want to be strong I am sick of this mushy state.

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