Everyone is different

It amaze me when I see people on weight loss forums dropping 10 pounds in a week. Like what? I ate healthy and exercised all week and stayed within my calorie range and my scale stayed the same and I had days when it flickered up! I don’t get what it is that I am doing so differently that my body is slow and holding onto the weight. Is it that I am getting older? In my 20’s I was attempting to trim down from 150 lbs to 125 lbs. It was hard and I was required to eat 900 calories a day to achieve it. My body naturally likes to be at 140 – 155 lbs. This past year with covid it was a stressful mess for me. I gained and did NOTHING for a long time.

Here I am now though. But the point here is everyone is different its hard to find your spot. That works. I think the weight will slowly come off. The key is not giving up. The key is treating myself occasionally without making it a regular thing or a food treat. The key is eating the foods you like but in moderation and being realistic about it.

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