Weight loss is like a science experiment

As I start trying to lose weight and see the scale not moving, I know one thing that is certain, that path I was on before did not achieve weight loss, but consistent weight gain. Before I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, dessert everyday and did not exercise. I made attempts here and there to get on track but struggled to stick with it.

Week one, I cut back on dessert and replaced my snacks for fruit or veggies. I reduced my portions as well. I noticed a great change in my clothes fitting better and the scale reflected a 3 pound weight loss! Well I am speculating as I believe I was between 175 and 172.

Week two, actually day 9. I feel great, not much change so far in my weight but I have added in fitness because I realize that its more than just being aware of what eat but what you do as well.

The scale matters, but not really. I believe that scale is very important in helping to keep me on track. It can be defeating but it also keeps me inline. If I stop looking at it I stop paying attention to calories and dessert. And then I am fat, sick and laying around. The scale doesn’t move fast and as much as I want it to at the same time I realize it took a long time to gain 30 pounds.

On a side note, have you experienced this? When you decide you want to get healthy so you decide to write out your daily calories and you try to be BRUTALLY honest about it. And you realize you are consuming a massive amount of calories and not the good kind. Its so eye opening!

So its like a science experiment because I keep measuring, recording, and evaluating to find what is right and sometimes things don’t work as well. And sometimes, your expectations are dumb. Either way I am going to keep moving forward because the other was both selfish in living for the present of self fulfillment and self destructive. I want more and to be healthier.

Any healthy meal recipes you want to share? Diet tips?

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