Week 2, diet stagnation?

I realize it took me 3.5 years to gain this weight but YES I am a typical impatient person. I am on week two, okay I just checked the calendar and I am embarrassed. It’s only been 8 days of me being on track! Why does it feel like forever? Probably because I changed my diet and I saw an immediate scale change. Then it stopped. I switched it up starting this week as I realized the slowness of the change would drive me bonkers.

This week I added in JENNY FORD FITNESS step workouts with abs and weights. I have been doing her beginner workouts.

So I’m NOT giving up, I am just wondering why but now when I look at the actual time window it makes sense. Its a little embarrassing that I am so impatient. Tonight the child gets pizza from that yuck place. I don’t know what I’ll eat. Maybe I’ll order a salad from Panera. I am kind of at a loss how to truly eat healthy. Good meals. I was going to make us pork tacos and throw some olives in mine. My tummy is less bloated. So Saturday is fast approaching and I am looking forward to measurements even though the scale says no! I was so excited about the idea of breaking out of the 170s that my scaled decided to PUNK me.

Today I ditched my breakfast smoothie and salad lunch for toast and pasta. I know carbs. I ate normal small portions and had an apple too. Dinner will probably be a salad. From where I do not know? Maybe bring the daughter and the dog for a walk too.

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